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Massimo Curatella

Strategic Designer

User Experience, Service Design, interaction Design, Business Design, Organizational Design, Business Strategy. 

Self-learner, trained as an Engineer with a strong eclectic attitude, he spent the last 25+ years designing, developing, writing, speaking and teaching about digital technologies. As a changemaker, he instils the desire and the joy of positive change into people. In the last 10 years evolved from the development to the design of systems: from Software Design to Interaction Design, from UX Design to Service Design up to Business Design and Organizational Design.

He has managed teams in the design of sociotechnical systems and software application ecosystems by keeping people and the environment at the centre of the design strategy. 

With Keen Bull, he joined the B Corp movement, with the application of a Human-Centered Design approach together with a Circular Economy approach they are building a new economic system where people can thrive and look at the future with hope. He is developing partnerships with Impact Investing Funds through the design and development of an Impact Enterprise Design Framework.

Future Thinker

Exponential technologies and their societal impacts.

As the Italian Ambassador for Network Society Research, he helps to promote the Pillars at the base of a new perspective for People and the Planet.

With Network Society Research he joined the Network Society Token Project as a Design Director.

Collective Intelligence Facilitator

Instructional Design, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Workshop Facilitation

Facilitating Knowledge. As a Technical Journalist, he co-founded a Publishing Company now the author of key Italian printed publications for Computer Graphics, Digital Visual Effects, Filmmaking, Animation and Videogames. A believer in the transformative power of education he has been learning the best when teaching. He designed and performed training, academic instruction and corporate knowledge facilitation in the most diverse settings: from development workshops with World Bank, FAO, and WFP. He curated the Instructional design for two B Corp Summit events where the participants had to explore the extended business ecosystem through the adoption of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

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